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    We are dedicated to helping our customers as much as we can at Dynamite Pest Control so we have shared a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you determine if you need our services and some helpful advice along the way. Of course, if there are questions you still need answers to then please feel free to call us anytime you need and we’ll answer them honestly to work the best pest free solution for your domestic, commercial and industrial property.
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    Is spraying my house safe for my family and pets?

    We use the safest and most effective products on all of your properties at all times. If the inside of your property needs spraying we recommend it a good idea to vacate until the spray has dried to avoid you or your family touching the spray while still wet. Once the spray has completed dried then you are welcome back in to the property. Spraying will also keep nasty spiders like red backs and all kinds of other pests under control.
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    What should I do if I see termites in my house or yard?

    Never disturb or spray termites as this will only cause them to spread and make it more difficult for Dynamite Pest Control to treat. You need a certified pest manager to carry out a full inspection of your buildings and yard which will determine exactly what we are dealing with and give you a few options of treatments that will best suit the situation. The termite nest and termite queen need to be eradicated first which is something we never recommend anyone untrained to try or risk doing themselves.
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    What is better, a chemical barrier or a termite baiting system?

    The best thing to do is to get advice on both systems by a trusted pest manager and see what will work for you and your property as no two jobs are ever the same. With some jobs a chemical barrier may be impossible to install and vice versa so we need to see your property first to see what options are available. If either one can be used, so long as the job is done in accordance to Australian standards and the label, both a chemical barrier and termite baiting system will get the job done which of course, Dynamite Pest Control can provide.

    I have a huge German cockroach problem! Can it be treated successfully without emptying my cupboards?

    We use a range of quality cockroach gels to ensure the pests are completed eradicated from your property. Sometimes if there is an infestation of German cockroaches, a second treatment may be required after three weeks which is normally sufficient to wipe them out. There is no need to empty cupboards as we place gel on hinges, cracks and crevices, behind dishwashers, fridges and microwaves to ensure they are thoroughly banished.

    When spraying a house, what and where do you spray?

    We generally spray all the outside of your house including gutters and eaves, weep holes, fences, BBQ area subfloor, sheds and swimming pool areas. Inside we dust the roof void, place rodent bait in the roof, place some cockroach gel on kitchen cupboard hinges and if the owner wants we spray around skirting boards as well.

    Are termite inspections important?

    Termite inspections are very important and should be carried out every 12 months, unless you live where there is a lot of bush and trees in which case it needs to be done more frequently. Termite inspections warn you of high termite activity on your property which you can then do something about or it may save you thousands of dollars if termites are already in your home by getting a treatment early before extensive damage is done.

    If I get a general pest spray and a termite inspection at the same time do I get a discount?

    Yes, as it saves us a lot of time too so you will generally get a 10-15% discount if we can provide two or more services at the same time.

    I can hear scratching and chewing in my roof. What can it be?

    In most cases its mice or rats. You can place some rodent bait in the roof yourself and see if it continues after one week. If it does continue you may have possums or some other creature in the roof void in which case you need to call Dynamite Pest Control to inspect the area and work on a plan of action.

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